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  Winter 2015  
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“Public Works” Joins Zoning as a Top Priority

Zoning issues have been front and center for our organization in the recent past. We’ve made steady progress on an “overlay” amendment that we hope will positively influence the development of private property within BRUN boundaries.

Less prominent have been our efforts affecting public property. Walkability, parking, traffic, and bike safety are the sort of things that contribute greatly to a livable neighborhood, yet escape the broad purview of zoning.

“Public works” is our label for issues of that kind.  They are the focus of a new group of BRUN member volunteers who have gathered and organized in several meetings since December.  

The Public Works Task Force is installed under our Zoning Committee, along with another “overlay only” task force and a third one focused on commercial matters such as liquor licenses.  We may re-tweak it, but you can view the current organizational structure at our Committees and Task Forces web page.

From there, click on over to the Public Works page.  We’ve identified nearly a dozen specific issues that call for attention and some form of remedy—possibly in collaboration with officials from various departments of Denver city government.  You will see the content on this page change as we focus our attention on different concerns depending on the immediate needs communicated by the neighborhood.

One such issue is storm drainage, or the lack of it, at certain intersections and crosswalks. It’s particularly problematic near repaved streets and newly installed pedestrian ramps. In the winter months when water turns to ice, an inconvenience can become a serious safety hazard.

Other Public Works issues pertain to parking, sidewalk conditions, traffic speeds, and crosswalk safety. Our first action is simply to identify problems. They are presented on the Public Works page in table form, with a column to report on corrective ideas, actions, and plans. 

The table is currently editable only by administrators of the BRUN site. But we’re calling for input from everyone (BRUN members and otherwise) to let us know where problems exist in the neighborhood.  Post your comments on social media sites such as NextDoor.com and our Facebook page, or email us at info@berkeleyneighbors.org.

Public Works meetings are open to everyone (member or not).  Find out where and when the group gets together at our Events page.

--Tom LaRocque

  This issue:

New Focus on Public Works.

BRUN Hits Year 10

2015 Annual Meeting Agenda                                   Easter Egg Hunt


BRUN Enters Year 10 as an RNO

BRUN has entered its tenth year as a Registered Neighborhood Organization since incorporating in 2006. As one of more than 200 RNOs recognized as such in an official City of Denver database, it is granted special opportunities to influence neighborhood issues.

Such issues include zoning map amendments, landmark designation, park land usage, and few dozen others listed in the city’s Revised Municipal Code.

RNO status establishes our ability to take a position for or against residential development projects; and an avenue for that position to be considered by Community Planning and Development.  It’s why our Good Neighbor Agreements, often established with business establishments serving alcohol, are considered in decisions by the city’s Excise and Licensing officials.

RNO status comes with certain obligations as well. Its members must be residents or property owners within a “prescribed area.” It must conduct its meetings in public, and post notice of those meetings in advance.  A record of such notices must be maintained.

Those functions are enabled by the multi-function web-based platform that hosts our official web site, BerkeleyRegisNeighbors.org.  The platform is provided by Wild Apricot, Inc., based in Toronto, at cost of $50 per month. 

The platform caters specifically to the needs of non-profit organizations.  It displays a historical record of our past meetings, for example, on our Events page.  Our site also show the minutes of past meetings, filling another RNO requirement of city’s municipal code.

An RNO must conduct at least one meeting per year in which all of its members are allowed to vote.  BRUN’s obligatory member-voting meeting this year is set for February 11.  Advance notice of that upcoming meeting, along with the planned agenda, is also viewable on our Events page.

RNOs throughout the city are tied together by an organization known as INC, which stands for Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation.  We recently renewed our annual membership in INC, and we’ll soon choose one or two delegates to represent BRUN at INC meetings in the new year.

Here’s Our 2015 Annual Meeting Agenda

Join us on February 11th at the Oriental Theater, 4335 West 44th Avenue, Denver 80212.

5:30 PM -  Doors Open: Registration and Membership Information

Member Forum Speaker Sign Up, Board Nominations

Open House: Overlay District and Public Works Issues for Review by Members

Information Displayed in Lobby/Theater; Ideas, Suggestions, Comments Encouraged

7:00 - Meeting Starts: Welcome and Introductions (Paul and Heather)

7:05 - Membership/Communications Update and Treasurer Report (Tom and Leslie)

7:10 - Members’ Forum: Have an issue or concern? Have a suggestion or compliment?

Sign up and let your voice be heard. Your comments will help establish BRUN’s efforts in the coming year.

All speakers MUST be BRUN members and need to sign up in advance at the sign‐in tables.

8:15 - Aria Update: Susan Powers and Deborah Clendenning

8:25 - 2015 Board Nominations, Candidate Introductions and Vote (BRUN Members Only)

8:35 - Committee Updates

Events, Committee; Zoning Committee - Public Works, Commercial District, Overlay District

9:00 - Adjourn

Egg-citement Builds for Our Easter Event

Easter can fall anywhere from March 22 to April 25, depending on the timing of the first full moon of spring.  But it is always on Sunday, and somehow our Annual Easter Egg Hunt always seems to occur one day earlier.

The big bunny will whistle the event to order this year at 10 am sharp on Saturday, April 4th.  Look for us in the grassy area west of Smiley Library.  We have yet to secure a Denver Parks permit pinpointing the location, but it’ll be obvious.  Watch or events page for more details.

BRUN’s egg hunt is the biggest social event of the year.  Last year it attracted a few hundred kids and parents, and a great time was had by all.  Big kids are segregated from little kids in the hunt, and no one goes home disappointed.

It’s also somewhat labor intensive.  If you can volunteer a few hours in planning or staging the event—greeting neighbors, posting flyers, or hiding eggs, please let us know.  You can contact our events chair, Osea Nelson, at osea_n@yahoo.com.


Join (or re-join) BRUN 

This quarter’s newsletter was carefully timed to hit the streets on February 1st.  That’s the annual renewal date for all BRUN members.  If you haven’t already seen the emails, consider this your last and most important reminder.

We’ve said it before.  To have significant influence in matters of public policy, we need a vibrant, broad base of dues-paying members who truly represent our community.  We also need to fund our modest operating budget, to pay for web hosting, email communications, and public events.

Please renew your membership or join BRUN for the first time at http://berkeleyregisneighbors.org/Membership.  The annual cost is only $10 per individual.


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