Board meeting minutes

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  • May 19, 2018 5:51 PM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)

    April's Meeting was postponed dues to excessively high winds and power outages. A social gathering was held a week later. Informal topics including a variety of targeted events throughout the neighborhood.

  • May 15, 2018 6:00 PM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)

    Open mike: 

    Joint dispensary
    Empourium Brewery
    Marie Edgar -38th Avenue coalition 

    Treasure report ($1400 cash on hand)

    Jay- Regis University update

    Rose- projects, comments, requests 

    Communication/membership sub committee:

    -proposed to have nation builder completed up and running by next June board meeting

    -looking into possible re-branding of the organization (photo contest?)

    -Proposal of each sub committee being responsible for their own communications via Facebook, Nextdoor, website.)

    ***Successful Board vote combining the Events and Membership committees effective immediately.***

    Events sub committee:

    - attendance at first Friday on Tennyson Street every month

    -looking into setting up a membership table at the farmers market this year

    -looking to have a happy hour for the neighborhood within the next month or two.

    -possible movie night at Oriental theater or Elitch)

    - confirmation of membership/communications subcommittee meeting second Wednesday of each month at holy family.

    Zoning: N/A


  • March 20, 2018 6:00 PM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)

    March 20, 2018 Meeting Minutes

    6:05: President Leanne calls meeting to order

    6:07: Welcome and Introductions

    6:13: Community Open Mic

    • - Eric Serani, co-owner of Aero Craft Brewing, which will be opening in the old Merkl’s lot on 38th

    at Utica in July 2018.

    • Marie Edgar of the Historic Berkeley-Regis Group. Next meeting is mid April. Please see their Facebook page ( for updated information.
    • Ann Gifford of Rocky Mountain Human Services, which provides assistance and services to disabled veterans and children in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas.

    6:45: Treasurer’s Report

    6:52: Committee Updates

    • Zoning: upcoming public overlay meeting on Thursday, March 22, at Parish Hall at Holy Family

    Church, 6pm.

    • Events: upcoming Easter Egg Hunt on March 31 at 9:30 a.m. at Berkeley Lake Park.
    • PR and Communications: demonstration of Nation Builder CRM by Emily Allred
      • Board vote to subscribe to Nation Builder for one year period – Passes unanimously.
    • Membership: discussion on branding. Send all brand/logo/mascot ideas to Tim and Johnny (,

    7:25: Regis Update – Jay April. Safety Expo is on June 2 on campus. Request for neighbors to check out Denveright ( and provide resident feedback.

    7:32: Adjourned.

  • February 20, 2018 6:00 PM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)

    6:08 call to order
    6:10 welcome and introductions
    628 Purpose of the meeting. History of the board and how it evolved

    6:34 Community Open Mic:
    parking issues in the neighborhood

    6:40 Bylaw overview and discussion regarding adjusting max board member of 15to 16. Will address at a later date once there are more bylaw issues to address.

    6:45 The Road Ahead- Roseanne Jelacic.
    Discussion of purpose of the board to guide the focus of the board based on the interest of the board members.

    Discussion of elected positions:
    Vice President
    INC liaison listed as Leanne for the time being

    Nominees for positions:
    Roseanne (6 votes)
    Leanne (8 votes)

    Roseanne - Vice President

    Stan Ford- Treasurer will stay in the position, Emily offered back up support

    Secretary Niki Schwab

    Discussion of subcommittee:

    Chairs of committees:
    Zoning/ Michelle chair, Steven
    Events/ Sharon chair, Carrie Bureson
    Communication/ PR Tim Flood chair (non board members to assit) Angela & Meredith
    Membership/ Emily Allred chair- Johnny Chang

    Chairs of the subcommittees with coordinate a time prior to our next meeting to get together as a discovery for committee needs/interest prior to next meeting.

    Adjourned 8:28

    Johnny Kang
    Meredith Hogan
    Carrie Bureson
    Michelle Frankal
    Jim Scott
    Steven Teitelbaum
    Emily Allred
    Kelly Merrion
    Mike Nulty
    Tim Flood
    Paul Voradran
    Sharon Peterson
    Leanne Kerber
    Roseanne Jelocic
    Jay April
    Kasi Steinheimer
    Angela and Nick Gerber
    Niki Schwab
    Ian Steinheimer

  • December 26, 2017 11:06 AM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)
    • ·         Welcomed prospective Board members. Roseanne spoke 1:1 with each of them then gave presentation focused on actions required to accomplish BRUN goals. Provided handout listing actions/activities discussed.


    • ·         Jay is on Regis University Community Council. Will ask for assistance from Regis for website/ membership help.
    • ·         Sharon and Jennifer have a phone conference with Stacy Simonet, Administrator of Communications and Technology Solutions with Denver City Council, Legislative Services on December 22nd for assistance and guidance for membership management and website.

    Prospective Board Members:

    Jenna Farley – 5th generation N Denver resident. 50th & Osceola. Long invested in neighborhood. Background in non profits (programs for kids) in N Denver. Former employee of Regis, father was a professor.  Can provide outreach especially North of I-70

    Consults with Colorado Women’s Lobby. To engage citizens to engage with their governments. Previously worked on the state level. Would like to branch out and work with city movements.

    Ross Poolino

    From Miami. Lived in Boulder for 1 year. Lives on Tennyson. Wants to be plugged into the community. Corporate attorney with Western Union. He was the treasurer Community Cycles  (a group that recycled bicycles that are then given to kids)  Community Cycles had lots of engagement with city council. Good communication skills as a lawyer. Has instagram account for him and his dog. Has some knowledge about websites.

    Mike Nulty

    Architect 39th and Winona. Architecture is a passion. New practice 2 years ago. Works at the college of planning. Very familiar with zoning and overlays. Density and affordability are issues and as an architect has a good skill set to help address these issues. Helping with homelessness. Has been involved in the temporary homeless housing solutions in Denver.

    Leanne Kerber

    Real Estate appraiser. From Chicago, saw developers come in and ruin old neighborhoods. Moved to Denver and was saddened by the new development within the older neighborhoods. She wanted to get involved and help and put her passion to help the community.  Previously a board member, interested in joining again.

    Leanne was  voted back on the board. Remaining 

    Remaining 3 candidates would like to consult with spouses before committing to becoming a board member. Voting for remaining 3 candidates will be delayed until January meeting.

    • ·         Annual membership meeting will be held on February 6th at the Oriental Theater
    • ·         Leanne will follow up on how to get the funding for the door hangers.
    • ·         Paul will start the conversation via email to set the agenda items for the February membership meetings.
    • ·         Next meeting January 16, 2018
  • September 22, 2017 1:32 PM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)

    BRUN Neighborhood Meeting Minutes September 19, 2017

    • 1.      GO Bond CCD speaker cancelled last minute. It was felt that polling indicated community outreach was not needed.
    • 2.      Zip car- car share dedicated spaces- Nicole Dalmy from Zip Car
    • Dedicated spaces for care share programs (round trip, not one way like Car2go). Car share identifies potential spots based on user data (zip codes) then car share pays fee to city for dedicated spot. Permit for the spot is good for 1 year. Zip car is a membership-based program. Zip Car members reside in BerkleyZip Car suggests potential spaces for permit but the City of Denver determines where the dedicated parking spaces will be permitted.
    • Pros
    • -Studies indicate for every 1 member of car share programs there is 13-15 cars off the road. People using the car sharing services are our neighbors
    • -Good alternative transportation in high density areas
    • Cons
    • -Concern that city is selling public parking spaces to private businesses
    • -Concern that dedicated spaces are in front of businesses, reducing the already limited parking for the business


             3.      Fluid Market- Niki Robins and Andrew Rowe

    • Fluid Market is an app that allows neighbors and peers to rent their stuff to each other.
    • 4.      Slot Home and Blueprint Denver Taskforce Update
    • There was public meeting last week to determine potential solutions and recommend changes to the zoning code. CU Denver are testing proposed changes t the zoning code to determine potential issues and loopholes.
    • Anything in the pipeline until the changes to the code are made will be grandfathered in. This means it may be 2019 before we actually see any changes for the new zoning codes because developers are requesting all projects be grandfathered in. Developers are saying they are already implementing proposed changes but we would like to see specific examples from the developers.
    • There will be a new “urban townhome building” form
    • 5.      Cultivate Health- Linnea Bjorkman
    • Cultivate health is looking to start a community council with Regis. Purpose of the council is to offer feedback to Regis about decisions and how it will affect the community. They would like BRUN presence on the council. Council will meet monthly ideally 10-15 people.  Jay April expressed interest in potentially representing BURN on the council 
    • 6.      Regis University- Sue Scherer
    • Regis Administration is getting involved with master planning and is asking for community input. Suggested that community input extend to all of NW Denver. Sue will outreach other RNOs and schedule a community input meeting for October (not 10/3 or 10/17). BRUN will help promote the meeting on website and Facebook page.
    • 7.      Sister Gardens- Heather Henfrey
    • Organic Farms on 52nd and Federal.
    • Free/discounted groceries for those in need Mondays 11-12 (pay what you can)
    • 15th Anniversary for Groundwork Denver 10/8 from 12-6
    • BRUN Board Meeting
    • 1.      Zoning Committee update-all recent updates have been communicated via email.
    • Will need to determine of a position needs to be created after consulting the bylaws (will need Paul’s input)
    • 2.      Treasurer’s Report- New members have been added
    • $1400 in the account
    • $15 spent for boost Facebook
    • BRUN Brew Fest Call to Arms, October 3rd starting at 5:30
    • BRUN will buy 1 drink for members renewing membership or joining.
    • 3. Membership and Communication to be tabled to next month’s meeting 

  • July 20, 2017 1:46 PM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)


    Michelle/ Heather/ Kelly Bates/ Faye Vanderslice/ Paul/ Trevor Greco/ Marie Benedia/ Jay April/ Mike B/ Marie Edger /Karen/ Den Pabon/ Kelly Carper/ Stan/ Tom Quinn/ Marilyn Quinn

    **State legislative update:

    1. Residential property tax – Every two years this is assessed. The increases in property values across the State have skyrocketed and as a result, our share of taxes was going to increase 45%. Legislature agreed to reduce tax rate from 7.9% to 7.2%. So, although property values are increasing but the rate at which they are taxed is decreasing so we should result in a net-value increase. (Not sure how that math works but this is what has been determined).
    2. Marijuana tax money: Issue has been raised that Denver public education hasn’t been benefitting from this tax when the amendment was passed. The tax goes to a fund that goes to schools – 35% of the tax is cultivated by the City of Denver but 0% goes to Denver schools. The formula has been changed so that it can be awarded to technology applications in the classroom vs building new schools (DPS doesn’t need new schools so tech grants have been established as more viable use of funds).
    3. Proposition 13: Colorado’s version is to freeze property taxes whilst they were in the home. Creates a bit of a gap in the Gov’t budget and not yet final, but being worked on.
    4. Question posed: How can the RNO help at the State level?
      1. Dan to host us at the Capital during session. Citizen’s day at the legislature has been proposed by Dan.
      2. ACTION: Dan to suggest dates.

    2017 General Obligation Bond

    • Heather sent around list for what areas will be funded by the GO Bond in District 1. $8.2m allocated to District 1, which is only 1% of all funding, if you include all potential areas.
    • ACTION: Mike is going to write a letter to the committee to attend a BRUN meeting and allow us an opportunity to oppose the funding

    Packard Hill Historic District

    • Multiple RNOs very interested in historic conservation. Visitors from West Highlands RNO – co-chair Marilyn Quinn. Marie Benedicts has been “lobbying” to ensure that the historic integrity of the Packard hill area is preserved. The area is 32nd to 25th and Lowell to Osceola . 82% of the area has remained in tact. District 1 has 35% of demolition of historic landmarks. If council approves it, it is effective in early September.
    • ACTION: Letter from BRUN to the City council will really help us. Motion was made to draft a letter and distribute the draft to all board members and support the Packard Hill Historic District. Unanimous vote to draft the letter. We will then vote on a digital agreement of the content of the letter

    Open Mike/Public Comments

    • Free bike racks are available from the City to put on Tennyson. Leanne is managing this. Table Agenda item until Leanne returns.

    Treasurer Update

    • Stan Ford - No status change. Could do neighborhood get-together’s and use funds accordingly.
    • We have approx. $1400 in the bank


    • Leanne is working on banner and also another piece of signage and is aiming to get funding from the Council.
    • Instead of spending money Heather and Stan said they would donate signage.


    • Heather is reaching out to a candidate to be on board position for this area

    Good Neighbor Agreements

    • Call to Arms: Breweries don’t have liquor licenses through the City of Denver so there are no notifications or public hearings when they first open and RNO's are not typically able to get involved. Call to Arms is currently in the process of seeking to operate a patio. Hearing is on 1st August. It’s a Board of Adjustment hearing and they are looking at a zoning exception. They had no issue signing a Good Neighbor Agreement with our standard conditions in order to gain our support at their hearing.  To our knowledge, this will be the first brewery with a GNA in at least District 1.
    • Gleam: Official compliant from a business across the street. However, the individual that issued the compliant refused mediation with the City. No action from us. 

  • June 30, 2017 1:54 PM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)


    • ·         Paul V
    • ·         Roseanne
    • ·         Jennifer Peters
    • ·         Dianna Schull
    • ·         Leanne
    • ·         Sieanda
    • ·         Jay
    • ·         Mike Beasely
    • ·         Tom Audley – President of Harkness Heights
    • ·         District 1 Sargent
    • ·         Amanda Sandoval
    • ·         Councilman R. Espinoza
    • ·         Michelle Frankel

    Espinoza Update

    • 1)      Lots of people impacted by Hail Storm
    • 2)      Great Denver Clean-up is this weekend & at Centineeal HS, 9-2pm, you can drop off any acceptable item
    • 3)      Trash removal – place extra trash out this evening as a result of the hail damage
    • a.       Difficult communication challenges with Public Works and also Espinoza’s office
    • b.       ACT: Discuss communications of this kind with Espinoza’s office as a board. We are aiming to work in partnership, not as adversaries.
    • 4)      GEOBOND Infrastructure:  
    • a.       Improvements to Smiley Library
    • b.       Improvements to Inspiration Point – Public Playground
    • c.       Downtown seems to get the most funding
    • d.       The mayor determines this
    • 5)      Pedestrian Crossings
    • a.       46th and Wolf will get a crossing
    • 6)      Dan Pabon
    • a.       The city assessor will walk you through the process for a repeal and protest of your property value assessment
    • b.       Rent Increase: 21 days for individuals on a month-to-month lease
    • c.       Criminal Justice: 2 strikes those criminal convictions will be on their record forever. So they go to apply and even though you’ve not had any issues for 10 years it’s still public for employers. So if you’ve been clean for 10 years, you can seal the 1st crime.
    • d.       ACT: BRUN to communicate to BRUN Members Pabon content – Pabon & Rafael team to send information for us to communicate.
    • e.       JP asked question about political future
    •                                                                i.      ACT: If Reps and Esponoza can send details on how members can get involved then BRUN can communicate to membership
    • f.        Officer:
    •                                                                i.      Neighborhood watch in Harkness Heights as a best practice re: theft and theft reduction
    •                                                              ii.      Call often to report issues


    BRUN Board Issues:

    • 1)      Social Consumption:
    • a.       Heather wants to have an event at the Oriental to discuss the social consumption – the panel that she’s trying to coordinate is liaising on dates
    • b.       Read draft and provide feedback
    •                                                                i.      Licensing requires a sponsor (eg. RNO) to operate
    • c.       LEANNE KERBER Has been elected as the social consumption liaison

    Membership & Communications Head

    Leanne nominated as Membership & Comms Head

    • ·         ACT: Leanne to create job description of her role
    • ·         ACT: Sharon to send Michelle & Leanne breakdown of members interested in helping in that committee
    • ·         ACT: Leanne to own the BRUN email address
    • ·         ACT: Leanne to distribute info to members on Facebook/NextDoor, etc regarding the meeting tonight

    Social & Events

    • ·         ACT: Roseanne is going to take the social and events
    • ·         ACT: A Monthly or Quarterly Happy Hour to be organized by Roseanne


    ACT: JP to email WildApricot Back re: Archive

    ACT: Sharon will upload to Mail Chimp

    Put an Ask Together for Rafael Espinoza

    ACT: Leanne to put a banner together

    ACT: Signage together too


    ACT: Paul to put together a new GNA that’s generic and can cover breweries, etc.




  • February 17, 2016 1:31 PM | Anonymous

    Berkeley Regis United Neighbors | Board Meeting | January 19 2016             

    BRUN Board members in attendance:

    Paul Vorndran (President)

    Enrico Cacciorni (Vice President)

    Michelle Frankel (Secretary; chair of Zoning & Licensing Committee)

    Tom LaRocque (Treasurer; chair of Membership & Communications Committee)

    Mike Beasley (chair of Public Works Committee)

    Courtney Eckert

    Stan Ford

    Osea Nelson (chair of Events Committee)

    Heather Noyes Gregg

    Vince Vigil

    Additional meeting attendees included:

    Meghan Doyle (BRUN member)

    Justin Dunn (BRUN member)

    Marie Edgar (BRUN member)

    Tom Mobley (BRUN member)

    Tara Strazdas (BRUN member)

    Denise Gomez (Denver Police District 1 Community Resource Officer)

    Emily Allred

    Mike Bray

    Rachel Klein

    David McMurtry

    Diane McSheehy

    Karen Taylor

    Ryan Todd

    Justin Weyerhaeuser

    Cassie Wright

    BRUN Board members not in attendance:

    Jay April

    Michael Mathieson

    Christie Schwalbe (liaison to Tennyson Berkeley Business Association)

    President Paul Vorndran chaired the meeting which was held in the Parish Hall at Holy Family Church, 4377 Utica St, and began at 6:00.

    After introductions, the meeting was opened to the public / non-board members to ask questions and present comments:

                Karen Taylor noted that the next Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (“INC”) meeting will take place in our neighborhood at Willis Case Golf Club at 8:30am on February 13th.

                Diane McSheehy, representing Regis University, would like to let neighbors know that they are welcome at many public university events.

                Tara Strazdas, a resident on the corner of 46th and Newton, has an upcoming hearing on March 1st with the Board of Adjustment regarding an appeal of an order to discontinue an unpermitted non-compliant fence.  She asked BRUN for advice and support.  This case typology is common in our neighborhood and several members of the Board involved with our Zoning Committee responded, including Michelle Frankel, Heather Noyes Gregg, and Enrico Cacciorni.  BRUN’s position is to support the official processes of the Denver department of Community Planning and Development.  We support the permitting process and while we sympathize we cannot support ignorance of the code as a valid reason for not obtaining a permit as that would not be fair to the rest of the law-abiding residents of our neighborhood.  If the resident seeks a variance to the code, our Zoning Committee can review the merits of the variance request.  Supporting variances typically requires evidence of hardship or unusual circumstances.  Our committee’s task is to support the greater interests of our neighborhood, and this can mean supporting individual residents but also their nearby neighbors and we aim to be consistent.  Board members expressed sympathy for the resident’s circumstances and offered additional time to answer questions outside of the meeting.  It was noted that the Zoning Committee is currently working on a Design Overlay for our neighborhood which would be an opportunity to review the neighbor’s concerns with the current requirements of the Zoning Code.  The Zoning Committee is also always open to neighbor’s concerns about the current Zoning Code and can bring them to the attention of representatives from Denver’s Community Planning and Development for future Code modifications.

                Marie Edgar reported that the 38th Avenue business group is working with the new CVS development that will be at the southeast corner of 38th and Sheridan on a gateway sign that will signify “Welcome to Historic North Denver” (or something along those lines).

    Officer Denise Gomez, one of our Neighborhood Resource Officers for Police District 1, was present and presented a police report for our neighborhood.  As we have previously heard, burglary is the main crime of concern in our neighborhood.  Unfortunately, burglars are often entering through open windows and doors, so Officer Gomez continues to urge residents to close and lock windows and doors.  She also urges residents to call the cops if you observe suspicious people entering your neighbor’s homes; you can be the police force’s best eyes.  Officer Gomez is initiating a push to develop the Neighborhood Watch program.  Consider becoming a block representative; the commitment includes knocking on your neighbor’s doors and attending as little as one meeting.  Contact Officer Gomez for more information.

    David McMurtry spoke about his development of a Goddard School at 3914 King, known as the Steele Gymnasium.  He is currently in the middle of the permitting process with the city which he hopes to wrap up by April in order to get through construction and open in the fall.  The city wants to rezone the site from a PUD to U-SU-C.  Addressing concerns about the historic value of the building, David said that they have no intention to change the outside of the main building other than some relatively small adjustments needed in order to increase the accessibility for children by adding a fire exit at the west side and enclosing an area of the playground.  At the moment they do not know what they will do with the house on the site, it could be demolished or it could be retained.  They are in the process of figuring out their parking and pick-up/drop-off traffic solutions.  Operation hours are anticipated to be 6:30am-6:00pm.  The school will start as a school for children in the 6-week to 6-year age range.  Marie Edgar expressed a desire to seek Landmark status for the Gymnasium.  Amanda Sandoval requested that David put together an information sheet to pass around to neighbors on adjacent blocks.

    Ryan Todd from Walk Denver spoke about a “Wellness Walk” path.  This pilot project will be placed around Regis and across Federal to the Aria development.  At this point they are reviewing wayfinding signage and asked for community feedback on 3 signage designs.  These designs were posted on a wall and meeting attendees noted preferences on the boards and filled out comment request cards.

    Michelle Frankel reported that minutes from the 11/17/15 Board Meeting were previously reviewed and approved electronically on December 3rd by 9 Board Members.

    Mike Beasley reported on the Public Works Committee. 

    -       The next meeting will be January 27th, from 6-8.  It will include a presentation from the Denver Department of Public Works on traffic, pedestrian safety, and other key topics.  Representatives from Walk Denver will also be present to discuss sidewalk improvements.

    -       Mike has been participating in a mediated workgroup with local residents, the Councilman’s office, and the business owners of the new Gleam Car Wash on a Good Neighbor Agreement.  They are still trying to figure out many details including the specific content (traffic, safety, etc), who will be the signees, and how it would be enforced.  He hopes that this will create a template that BRUN can consider for other businesses in the future.  Michelle Frankel suggested that this might be useful for a new doggie day care that has reached out to BRUN.

    -       Heather Noyes Gregg raised concerns about the streetscapes and desire for trees at the new car wash as well as the new CVS (in WHNA boundaries).  Amanda Sandoval from the Councilman’s office noted that she has already been speaking with the CVS developers about this and Mike reported that this is on the agenda for the next meeting with the car wash.

    Michelle Frankel reported on the Zoning & Licensing Committee:

    -       Brooklyn’s Finest Pizza agreed to a Good Neighbor Agreement with BRUN which the Board approved electronically on December 4th by 8 Board Members.  On December 9th, Enrico Cacciorni attended their Liquor License hearing and presented BRUN’s support and the GNA. 

    -       Axios Estiatorio also agreed to a Good Neighbor Agreement with BRUN which the Board approved electronically on January 5th by 10 Board Members.  On January 5th, Enrico attended their hearing with the Board of Adjustment for expanding their patio and presented BRUN’s support and the GNA.

    Tom LaRocque reported on the Communications and Membership Committee.  Membership renewals are currently being automated through the Wild Apricot platform.  Current members’ have a grace period for renewal through the end of February so that they can vote at the Annual Meeting.

    Tom LaRocque reported that the Treasury currently has around $1,400-$1,500 and that a “Square” reader has been set up and was used successfully at the Holiday Party.

    Osea Nelson presented a report on the Events Committee.  The Holiday Party at Atomic Cowboy on December 10th was a success!  The next scheduled event at this point is the Easter Egg Hunt which will be on Saturday March 26th.  Osea is continuing to seek brainstorming for future events and hopes to present ideas at the Annual Meeting.  New ideas include a “Garden Walk” and a “Meet the New Board” happy hour.

    Courtney Eckert had prepared a conversation for the Board regarding back-of-house functioning using Wild Apricot and Google Apps.  Due to time and priorities this was tabled for a future Monthly Meeting.

    Enrico Cacciorni suggested that the Board consider reducing its size prior to the Annual Meeting at which we will be seeking new members to fill vacancies.  Osea Nelson, Michelle Frankel, and Paul Vorndran raised various concerns with reducing the Board size at this time and the Board chose not to change the bylaws at this time.  The board felt that Enrico’s valid concern that having inattentive Board members can impede our functioning could be addressed in other ways by sanctioning and/or removing such members after inactivity is evidenced.

    The upcoming Annual Meeting was discussed.  It will take place at the Oriental Theater on February 23rd (this date was selected in an electronic vote by the Board on December 10th with 7 votes in favor) and will be run by President Paul Vorndran.  The agenda and meeting order was determined to be as follows:

    1)     President’s Report

    2)     Committee Reports (Treasury, Membership/Communications, Events, Zoning/Licensing)

    3)     Members’ Forum (open mic/ Q&A to the Board)

    4)     Nominations for open Board positions followed by voting

    5)     Speakers from the neighborhood (Police Report, Councilman Espinoza, others as approved by the Board prior to the event).

    Procedures for the open mic, balloting, and nominating elements of the event were discussed and will be fleshed out more fully at the February monthly meeting.

    A proposal to have a Candidates’ Forum at an upcoming Monthly Board meeting for DA candidates was positively received.  The Board felt that the Annual Meeting would not be the appropriate opportunity for candidates to speak.

    It was determined that the Board would hold its regular monthly meeting on February 16th to address general business as well as to address planning for the Annual Meeting the following week.

    These meeting minutes were recorded by Michelle Frankel.

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