BRUN Board meeting minutes July, 2017

July 20, 2017 1:46 PM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)


Michelle/ Heather/ Kelly Bates/ Faye Vanderslice/ Paul/ Trevor Greco/ Marie Benedia/ Jay April/ Mike B/ Marie Edger /Karen/ Den Pabon/ Kelly Carper/ Stan/ Tom Quinn/ Marilyn Quinn

**State legislative update:

  1. Residential property tax – Every two years this is assessed. The increases in property values across the State have skyrocketed and as a result, our share of taxes was going to increase 45%. Legislature agreed to reduce tax rate from 7.9% to 7.2%. So, although property values are increasing but the rate at which they are taxed is decreasing so we should result in a net-value increase. (Not sure how that math works but this is what has been determined).
  2. Marijuana tax money: Issue has been raised that Denver public education hasn’t been benefitting from this tax when the amendment was passed. The tax goes to a fund that goes to schools – 35% of the tax is cultivated by the City of Denver but 0% goes to Denver schools. The formula has been changed so that it can be awarded to technology applications in the classroom vs building new schools (DPS doesn’t need new schools so tech grants have been established as more viable use of funds).
  3. Proposition 13: Colorado’s version is to freeze property taxes whilst they were in the home. Creates a bit of a gap in the Gov’t budget and not yet final, but being worked on.
  4. Question posed: How can the RNO help at the State level?
    1. Dan to host us at the Capital during session. Citizen’s day at the legislature has been proposed by Dan.
    2. ACTION: Dan to suggest dates.

2017 General Obligation Bond

  • Heather sent around list for what areas will be funded by the GO Bond in District 1. $8.2m allocated to District 1, which is only 1% of all funding, if you include all potential areas.
  • ACTION: Mike is going to write a letter to the committee to attend a BRUN meeting and allow us an opportunity to oppose the funding

Packard Hill Historic District

  • Multiple RNOs very interested in historic conservation. Visitors from West Highlands RNO – co-chair Marilyn Quinn. Marie Benedicts has been “lobbying” to ensure that the historic integrity of the Packard hill area is preserved. The area is 32nd to 25th and Lowell to Osceola . 82% of the area has remained in tact. District 1 has 35% of demolition of historic landmarks. If council approves it, it is effective in early September.
  • ACTION: Letter from BRUN to the City council will really help us. Motion was made to draft a letter and distribute the draft to all board members and support the Packard Hill Historic District. Unanimous vote to draft the letter. We will then vote on a digital agreement of the content of the letter

Open Mike/Public Comments

  • Free bike racks are available from the City to put on Tennyson. Leanne is managing this. Table Agenda item until Leanne returns.

Treasurer Update

  • Stan Ford - No status change. Could do neighborhood get-together’s and use funds accordingly.
  • We have approx. $1400 in the bank


  • Leanne is working on banner and also another piece of signage and is aiming to get funding from the Council.
  • Instead of spending money Heather and Stan said they would donate signage.


  • Heather is reaching out to a candidate to be on board position for this area

Good Neighbor Agreements

  • Call to Arms: Breweries don’t have liquor licenses through the City of Denver so there are no notifications or public hearings when they first open and RNO's are not typically able to get involved. Call to Arms is currently in the process of seeking to operate a patio. Hearing is on 1st August. It’s a Board of Adjustment hearing and they are looking at a zoning exception. They had no issue signing a Good Neighbor Agreement with our standard conditions in order to gain our support at their hearing.  To our knowledge, this will be the first brewery with a GNA in at least District 1.
  • Gleam: Official compliant from a business across the street. However, the individual that issued the compliant refused mediation with the City. No action from us. 

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