BRUN Board meeting minutes June, 2017

June 30, 2017 1:54 PM | Jennifer Peters (Administrator)


  • ·         Paul V
  • ·         Roseanne
  • ·         Jennifer Peters
  • ·         Dianna Schull
  • ·         Leanne
  • ·         Sieanda
  • ·         Jay
  • ·         Mike Beasely
  • ·         Tom Audley – President of Harkness Heights
  • ·         District 1 Sargent
  • ·         Amanda Sandoval
  • ·         Councilman R. Espinoza
  • ·         Michelle Frankel

Espinoza Update

  • 1)      Lots of people impacted by Hail Storm
  • 2)      Great Denver Clean-up is this weekend & at Centineeal HS, 9-2pm, you can drop off any acceptable item
  • 3)      Trash removal – place extra trash out this evening as a result of the hail damage
  • a.       Difficult communication challenges with Public Works and also Espinoza’s office
  • b.       ACT: Discuss communications of this kind with Espinoza’s office as a board. We are aiming to work in partnership, not as adversaries.
  • 4)      GEOBOND Infrastructure:  
  • a.       Improvements to Smiley Library
  • b.       Improvements to Inspiration Point – Public Playground
  • c.       Downtown seems to get the most funding
  • d.       The mayor determines this
  • 5)      Pedestrian Crossings
  • a.       46th and Wolf will get a crossing
  • 6)      Dan Pabon
  • a.       The city assessor will walk you through the process for a repeal and protest of your property value assessment
  • b.       Rent Increase: 21 days for individuals on a month-to-month lease
  • c.       Criminal Justice: 2 strikes those criminal convictions will be on their record forever. So they go to apply and even though you’ve not had any issues for 10 years it’s still public for employers. So if you’ve been clean for 10 years, you can seal the 1st crime.
  • d.       ACT: BRUN to communicate to BRUN Members Pabon content – Pabon & Rafael team to send information for us to communicate.
  • e.       JP asked question about political future
  •                                                                i.      ACT: If Reps and Esponoza can send details on how members can get involved then BRUN can communicate to membership
  • f.        Officer:
  •                                                                i.      Neighborhood watch in Harkness Heights as a best practice re: theft and theft reduction
  •                                                              ii.      Call often to report issues


BRUN Board Issues:

  • 1)      Social Consumption:
  • a.       Heather wants to have an event at the Oriental to discuss the social consumption – the panel that she’s trying to coordinate is liaising on dates
  • b.       Read draft and provide feedback
  •                                                                i.      Licensing requires a sponsor (eg. RNO) to operate
  • c.       LEANNE KERBER Has been elected as the social consumption liaison

Membership & Communications Head

Leanne nominated as Membership & Comms Head

  • ·         ACT: Leanne to create job description of her role
  • ·         ACT: Sharon to send Michelle & Leanne breakdown of members interested in helping in that committee
  • ·         ACT: Leanne to own the BRUN email address
  • ·         ACT: Leanne to distribute info to members on Facebook/NextDoor, etc regarding the meeting tonight

Social & Events

  • ·         ACT: Roseanne is going to take the social and events
  • ·         ACT: A Monthly or Quarterly Happy Hour to be organized by Roseanne


ACT: JP to email WildApricot Back re: Archive

ACT: Sharon will upload to Mail Chimp

Put an Ask Together for Rafael Espinoza

ACT: Leanne to put a banner together

ACT: Signage together too


ACT: Paul to put together a new GNA that’s generic and can cover breweries, etc.




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